Thursday, July 2, 2009

#6 My Sister and I's Relationship

First of all, I'm currently addicted to this blog, which had a link to this article about family phone quirks, and it got me thinking about how fabulous the quirks are between my sister and I. We have become so unbelievably close in the last few years--in fact, I don't think we really started to like each other until she left for college (and Mom and I moved to Alabama) in 1999. I guess not living together helps. ;)

To the best of my knowledge, our quirky relationship started to define during my freshman year in college in 2005. We started communicating in what is now a very elaborate language that we call "non-verbal," which is pretty much standard in every email and thank you card sent. (After Christmas last year, in lieu of a thank you note detailing why I liked everything I got from her, I'm pretty sure I just wrote "MAAROEW" really big in the middle and mailed it to her...) We also haven't addressed each other by our actual names in at least 4 years, instead we just call each other "Sister," even to people outside our family. We're going to have the creepy, cat-lady sister thing DOWN by the time we're 70.

Because I moved around so much growing up, I don't really have any friends that I've known longer than 6 years or so (that I'm still close to), which is probably why I cling to my sister so much. She's the only one who has any idea what I could be going through, and I don't know if I could have survived the past 6 years without her. Mom used to call Sister her "rock," and I know that she is mine, and I hope that I am her's.

My mom had two sisters, both of whom she was very close to growing up, and I know she would be so happy to know how close we are now, even though it was a rocky 18 years filled with clothes-stealing, Chucky-scaring, trunk-locking, devastating clown make-overs, and countless tantrums.

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