Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Things My Mother Would Not Love

I've been struggling with my weight more than usual lately. My entire life, it's always been the only thing I could ever think about, and now, it occupies my mind even more than I thought possible.

Since I moved to my new apartment and started living by myself just about a year ago, I've gained a ridiculous amount of weight. Maybe partly because of the freedom of it all. Maybe partly because Raising Cane's is just too freaking delicious for me to say "no" to. Either way, I can't help but wonder what my mother would think of my weight. As someone who struggled with her weight her entire life and was at an incredibly unhealthy weight when she died, I can't help but think that she wouldn't want a different life for her daughter.

I'm hoping this mindset will give me the strength to persevere through this daunting weight loss. My mother would want me to be healthy, and I'm hoping to accomplish that.